CCTV and Security systems

A wide range of CCTV and Security solutions are available at VBS technology.We provide top-notch CCTV cameras that can be installed in your residential and commercial premises.The CCTV systems include IP, WiFi and HD cameras that will serve a wide range of purposes. The cameras that we use are from renowned manufacturers like Panasonic, Hikvision, Samsung, Sony and more. Our security systems are fully integrated to deliver unmatched surveillance in all spaces.

Biometric Attendance Systems

Biometric systems are extensively used in commercial premises for recording attendance.Equip your office, shop or other spaces with our biometric attendance systems and record the attendance of your employees in hustle-free and accurate way. Biometric systems are tamper-proof and you can be sure that all the records are accurate and genuine. We provide a variety of different biometric systems from renowned brands such as BIOmax and ESSL. Our professionals also provide customised installation services that include machine mounting, software installation and configuration.

Multi Room Audio Systems

If you want to equip your residential or commercial space with audio systems, we have got the right solution for you. We provide different audio solutions for varied purposes. Our audio systems are abundantly used for announcements, entertainment, personals listening and lots of other applications. You can choose your product from our wide inventory of audio solutions. Our products come from leading manufacturers and we can help you with installation and maintenance.